Capelle’s Practicing Pool


Capelle’s Practicing Pool

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Book Description

Publication Date: January 15, 2006

Take your game to the next level and beyond with Phil Capelle’s Practicing Pool book. If you always wanted to play like a professional now you can by learning how to practice like a professional. Here are just few of the lessons that are covered in this book: Learn to Learn Pool How to become a great student, an efficient and expert learner. Make the most of your time. Fast Start A program guaranteed to get a new player off to a great start. Fundamentals First How to develop, correct, and maintain the foundation for your game. Natural Aiming A unique and highly effective way to pocket any shot on the table. Cue Ball Wizard How to build the foundation for playing precision shape and how to extend your skills. Pattern Pro Learn to read the table, plan your runouts, and maintain control on offense. Take Control Put your opponents in jail with killer safety skills the pros use to win games. Strategic Kicking Use Shot Pictures to master kick shots. No complex systems, no memorization, just a strategic approach that works.

Editorial Reviews


With Capelle you always get more than you paid for. In this book he includes practice on reading the table, on the mental game, aiming, how to create your own customized practice sessions, and a lot more. The book is packed with tips,

information, routines, and insights and has just become one more must have for anyone who wants to get better at pool. –Tom Shaw, Pool & Billiard Magazine

“If you TRULY want to take your game to the next level or even to become a professional pool player, then this book is a MUST for your library.” –John Cash, The National Billiard News

“Right down to the user friendly spiral binding this book screams buy me! Immerse yourself in Capelle’s Practicing Pool and you too will find the value to be incalculable!” –John Evans, On the Wire

About the Author

Phil Capelle is the author of 8 top selling instructional books. He has been a columnist for Pool & Billiard Magazine for 10 years and is the founder of Billiards Press, the leading publisher of high quality pool instruction.

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