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Sell Your Pool Table On Consignment – Used Pool Table Fort Wayne
used pool table fort wayne


Our Consignment Sales Service is the Fastest, Easiest, and Most Time and Cost Effective Way to

Sell Your Old Pool Table.

Here is How it Works:


Step 1: Call us at 260-710-37656 to confirm that you are within our “Consignment Selling Area and that your Pool Table meets our standards for the selling Service. If it meets these criteria, there is a one time $60 Fee and no further expense to you! The fee includes a free directory listing, a professional assessment/appraisal & digital pictures.


Step 2: GSS Service Department Will Contact You Within 24 Hours to set a meeting time to get the Following Info

  • Size, Manufacturer, Age, and Condition of your Pool Table
  • Six to Eight Good Quality Digital Pictures of your Pool Table for Our Web Site
  • A Professional Assessment/Appraisal Of Your Pool Table
  • What Price You Would Like for Your Pool Table (We will Make a Recommendation Here if Needed)


Step 3: Your Pool Table Along With the Asking Price and Description will Appear on the Garrett Specialty Services Used Pool Tables Page at for a determined amount of time!


Step 4: When We Find a Buyer, GSS Will Collect the Money and Schedule the Teardown, Move, and Reset of the Pool Table at no cost to you the seller.


Step 5: The Day We Arrive to Pick up the Table, GSS Will Give you a Check for your Full Asking Price!


Note on Contact Options: Some Potential Buyers Will Want to Speak with You About the Pool Table or See the Table in Person Before They Purchase. If You Don’t Want to Have to Speak Directly with Potential Buyers, Please Tell Us “Contact Only By Garrett Specialty Services”. If You are OK with GSS Providing Your Email or Phone Number to Potential Buyers, Please Tell Us “Buyers Can Email Me Directly”, “Buyers Can Call Me Directly” or “Its OK to Give Potential Buys My Phone and Email”. We Will Protect Your Privacy While Maximizing and Accommodating Potential Buyers.