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clock moving fort wayneGrandfather Clock Moving Fort Wayne

You can depend on GSS to carefully, precisely and safely prepare your clock, be it a grandfather, grandmother, cuckoo, tubular or wall clock and no matter what size clock it is. Garrett Specialty Services recognizes the genuine value of  all our customer’s items and will do all we can to assure you a safe and secure relocation and delivery.

Clocks Serviced Include:
  • Grandfather & Grandmother Clocks
  • Cuckoo Clocks
  • Tubular/Chime Clocks
  • Wall Clocks


Services Include:

ORIGIN: Communication is one of the primary components when preparing to move a customers clock.  We at GSS take to time to listen to our customers concerns before we prepare their clock for transport. We wear hand protection (white gloves)  as we block the chimes, wind cables, spools and secure the crutches and hammers. All fragile and breakable pieces are removed and wrapped. All weights and pendulums are separately packed and labeled for reassemble.


DESTINATION: It is a priority to confirm the clock and all its components are present and accounted for. After this we consult the customer about the appropriate placement of the clock for optimum running and for viewing pleasure. Again, wearing white gloves, we hang weights, chimes, run cables and spools and completely reassemble the clock. We verify the running condition of the clock with the customer and consult with them about maintenance and correct operating procedure.

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