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Grandfather Clock Buying Guide


How many finely crafted grandfather clocks have you seen in a home that has been passed down generation after generation?  Did you know grandfather clocks from the 1600s still exist today and some are valued at over $100,000? A clock with a lifespan of several decades or centuries is a unique and well-built piece of marvelous machinery. So what features should a grandfather clock of the highest quality have?


Features to Look For:


If you are searching for a grandfather clock that will last not only during your lifetime but that of your children and their children begin with only solid wood frame clocks. A clock that has a veneered cabinet will not last over the span of time we are talking about.


Look at the quality of the internal clock movement and that it has been made from trusted manufacturers such as Howard Miller, Kieninger, Hentschel, or Hermle. The dial, pendulum and the weights of the grandfather clock must all be made of brass.


Be observant of the chimes and other features. Grandfather clock standard features include, cable-driven, automatic nighttime shut-off of chimes, triple-chimes, brass pendulum and dial, arched or split pediments, beveled glass as opposed to regular glass, and the plating (if it is brass and engraved).


If you buy clocks online we hope this information helps you as you look at our selection of grandfather clocks that are available for purchase.