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Restoring Grandfather Clocks

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Eric Smith (Author), Brian Smith (Author)

The grandfather clock first appeared in the late seventeenth century. Virtually none of these clocks is beyond repair, and often the work required is within the scope of inexperienced owners. This is the first full-length book to cover repair and restoration of these attractive and often valuable antiques, including their casework. The first part outlines how to clean and service the clock “works,” and also how to refurbish the dial, while in the second part restoration or casework, both structural repairs and finishing, is considered. Armed with this book and appropriate tools, the owner of a dilapidated grandfather clock will be encouraged and given the know-how to restore it to life as a useful and attractive clock and a prized possession. Read More…


Clock Repair Basicsclock books south bend

Steven G. Conover (Author, Editor, Illustrator)

Clock Repair Basics is a clock repair course in itself. Start with letting down the mainspring power, then take apart a movement, clean it, and repair it! The basics on escapements, pendulums, bushing work and more are all in this book. You’ll have a glossary of clock terms, a lubrication guide, a beginner s guide to strike and chime mechanisms, a section on electric clocks, and a special chapter featuring five starter clocks: OG, American spring driven strike clock, cuckoo, 400-day, and modern Hermle chime clock. There are 92 pages of text, with index, and 158 photos and line drawings in this large 8-1/2 x 11 format. Experienced repairers will also find plenty of useful information in the book. Compare your methods to the ones described in the book, and use whatever helps you! Keep it right on the bench for the hard-to-remember mainspring length formula, the methods for determining beats per hour and pendulum length, and quick-reference adjustments for the major escapements. Read More…


An Exhibition Of Yorkshire Grandfather Clocks – Yorkshire Longcase Clocks And Their Makers from 1720 to 1860clock books

David Firth (Author)

A full colour book to accompany the Exhibition of Yorkshire Clocks at the Red House Antique Centre in the City of York. This is the first book to be published on the subject of Yorkshire longcase clocks. It contains a selection of clocks from the private collection of Dr Firth, who has one of the largest private collections of grandfather clocks in Europe. Within the 132 pages are over 150 colour photographs, showing the fine craftmanship, wonderful details and provenance of these beautiful antiques. More details on the exhibition on the the website Read More…


Clock Repairing as a Hobby: An Illustrated How-To Guide for the Beginnerclock books

Harold C. Kelly (Author)

All of the precise and delicate gears and levers in a clock can appear dizzying to the amateur, but this guide, with its wonderfully detailed diagrams, can clear things up. It covers the theory behind clock movement and design, including the particulars of escapements, pendulums, balance wheels, and even the sheet music for popular chimes. The American striking clock, the 400-day clock, and the alarm clock receive special attention. The in-depth information, including explanations of clock repairing terminology and details on the tools, materials, and supplies that are needed for success, will benefit even skilled enthusiasts. Read More…


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