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play systems


GSS crews have years of experience disassembling and reassembling jungle gyms, play houses, Rainbow Play Systems®, Gorilla Play Systems, and metal swing sets at site of origin or after destination. Rest assured the children’s favorite items will be safely and correctly cared after.

Items Included For Service:

  • Metal & Wooden Swing Sets
  • Jungle Gyms
  • Rainbow Play Systems®
  • Gorilla Playsets
  • Children’s Playhouses


ORIGIN:  GSS will inventory and diagram every unit during the disassembly process to insure a swift and accurate reassembly. All hardware is labeled, packaged and secured for a safe transport.


DESTINATION: GSS will confirm exact location for reassembly and verify suitability of site for level ground and free from low lying areas. We always carry spare playground equipment hardware with us and will supply all standard hardware. After reassembly our crew will test the unit for safety and security before it can be cleared for use.


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