Plasma Vs LCD

Plasma Vs LCD


What should I buy…plasma or LCD?


If you’re shopping for a big-screen television — say 50 inches and over — then GSS suggests plasma as a safe bet. Plasmas give you more value for your dollar, and even though LCDs have better resolution, plasma still rules in terms of picture quality.


If a smaller screen is for you (17- to 42-inch TVs), LCD is the only way to go if you want something slim and tasteful. And here’s the bonus, LCDs are going down in price all the time.


As for bright environments versus dark, cinema-like conditions, the LCD performs better during the day due to its back-lighting system.  A plasma performs better in a dark environment, since it has a glass front. Yet the non-reflective glass plasmas and LED-backlit LCD panels with superior blacks simply reverse this belief.


While  exceptions exist, plasmas perform best in dark environments, and models with an anti-reflective coating are the better choice.


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