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Garrett Specialty Services offers in-home and pick up flat screen TV repairs.


If you have a spot on the screen or the TV has stopped working entirely, call GSS today for a diagnostic* appointment or with any questions you have concerning TV repair Fort Wayne. As with our other services, TV repair customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.



We Repair Flat Panel TVs Including:




•Plus older TVs depending on parts availability


We service most major brands, and offer low labor rates. When possible we will use parts made by the same manufacturer as your TV, and we will provide you with a 30 day labor / 90 day parts warranty. We schedule TV repair Fort Wayne by appointment and serve a 40 mile radius of our Fort Wayne location, including Decatur, Huntington, Columbia City and surrounding areas.


For TV Repair Fort Wayne call 260-348-3420 and ask for Brandon


* Diagnostic Fee – $45.00


GSS Helpful Hint

How to Clean a Flat Screen


It is important to turn off the flat screen TV or computer monitor before you begin to clean it as you are applying a liquid substance to an electrical component. This is especially true if the flat screen gets warm while it is turned on. Even if it stays cool, though, having the flat screen TV or computer monitor off while you clean it will make it easier to see streaks or spots.


Gently wipe away any dust on the flat screen TV or computer monitor using a very soft cloth or I use a feather duster that I shake out thoroughly before dusting. If you are using a soft cloth wipe the flat screen as softly as possible, starting at one side and swiping straight across.same motion using the feather duster. Do not rub the flat screen in a circular or up and down motion, as this could scratch the flat screen. Do not try to wipe away any streaks, spots or grime with the dry cloth either. The purpose of this step is simply to wipe off as much dust as possible.


As for the best cleaning product I buy Anti-Static Monitor Wipes that you can use on a flat screen TV or a computer screen. These are available at Wal-Mart, Meijers, Office Depot or any office supply store for about $6.00 for 80 wipes. I have looked at the flat screen TV cleaner (a small6-8 oz. bottle) in the stores and it sells for $19.99 and is essentially the same as the wipe. For the easiest and most cost effect way to clean the flat screen, use the wipes.


When you are done dusting, wipe the individual wipe gently from side to side or from top to bottom. Look at the TV flat screen from various angles to see any remaining streaks or smudges. Make sure the flat screen TV or computer monitor is completely dry before you turn it back on. Then, sit back and enjoy your sparkling clean flat screen TV or computer monitor!


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